We’re the Masters of Movement.

We believe you shouldn’t have to think too much about how you move through life. But when restricted mobility, injury or pain strikes, we understand the fears and frustrations that accompany your body not functioning at its optimal level. Our team of expertly-trained physiotherapists are here to shine a light and forge your path back to full health.

Physiotherapy & Pilates - Keilor Road, Essendon

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Go beyond the basics

Undertaking continuing specialist training in advanced techniques, our physiotherapists’ deep understanding of the underlying causes of injury informs our analytical approach to injury rehabilitation.

Sports Physiotherapy

Get back on track

Ensuring you’ll be back on the field or court in good time, our team has extensive hands-on experience treating both amateur and professional football, netball and hockey players among other athletes.

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Women’s Health

Feel like yourself again

We provide sensitive, nuanced care for a range of urinary and bowel incontinence and pelvic pain issues so that you regain both control and confidence.

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Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy

Embrace the new normal

We can help you cope with the body’s myriad of changes during pregnancy and after birth such as pelvic instability, back and neck pain and even show you how to correctly move through life with a new family member. 

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Occupational Physiotherapy

We’ll work it out

Trusted by the TAC and WorkSafe, we are adept at work-related injury rehabilitation oriented to get you through - or get you back to - your work day.

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Dry Needling

A little extra care

Remedy persistent soft tissue pain with dry needling, a supplementary treatment where fine implements are inserted into trigger points to relieve muscle tension. Especially useful for lower back, neck and groin pain, tennis elbow and runner’s knee.

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Real Time Ultrasound

Let’s take a closer look

We take a look at what’s really happening under the surface using ultrasound to visualise and diagnose problematic hip, back and pelvic areas and develop truly effective treatments and exercises.

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