Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy


Many musculoskeletal conditions can occur during pregnancy and are often unfortunately dismissed as a “normal” part of the pregnancy experience. This can often be not only distressing but also debilitating for expecting mums. At Keilor Road Physiotherapy we can offer you the most comprehensive, holistic care throughout your journey by combining women’s health with specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapy care.

Under the guidance of Jenny Hynes FACP who is a leading specialist clinician in the field of pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, we have developed strategies that aim to keep you functioning as normally as possible for as long as possible.

Rather than solely concentrating on what you can’t do, our focus is to empower you to be as strong and mobile as possible so that you can look after your body as well as your baby!

We can help you with:

Pelvic girdle pain (often understood as “pelvic instability”)

Low back and Coccyx pain

Neck pain and associated headaches

Thoracic stiffness and postural issues often associated with pregnancy, but also breast feeding positions, lifting techniques and ways to settle a newborn, without injuring your spine.

Modification of exercise programs during pregnancy to allow you to maintain your fitness and strength throughout this period.

Carpal tunnel and wrist pain.

Melbourne Hand Rehab operates one of its venues at Keilor Rd Physiotherapy. The hand therapists at Melbourne Hand Rehab are experts in the management of hand and wrist conditions frequently occurring during pregnancy such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Appointments to see a hand therapist can be made at Keilor Rd Physiotherapy reception or by calling 9458 5166

Melbourne Hand Rehab website has detailed information about carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis during pregnancy.