Sports Physiotherapy

Hands on, holistic approach

Our sports physiotherapists have undergone advanced post graduate training in addition to their physiotherapy degree to assist in the accurate assessment and diagnosis of sporting related injuries, including tendon pain, muscle injuries and specific rehabilitation strategies to allow for a fast return to the sporting field.

Lead by senior physiotherapists Robbie, Simone and John, all of the team here at Keilor Rd have spent time working in and around sporting clubs. Whether it be local teams in the EDFL or international soccer and beach volleyball, our team has a vast array of experience.

Sports Physiotherapy principles also apply to clients who have injured themselves in day to day activity. If you see a Sports Physiotherapist you are getting the best possible care and rehabilitation for issues such as:

Sporting injuries (osteitis pubis, hamstring and calf tears, tendon problems)

Hip, shoulder and knee pain

Overuse syndromes

Poor strength and stability

Muscle imbalances

Post-operative rehabilitation (hip, knee, and ankle replacements, back and shoulder surgery)

Poor balance and mobility

Sports specific movement analysis

Sports specific and individually tailored rehabilitation exercise programs

Injury prevention planning

The physiotherapists at Keilor Rd have a very hands-on holistic approach to allow you to return to sport as safely and quickly as possible.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation