Occupational Physiotherapy

TAC Physiotherapy

What is Occupational Physiotherapy?

Occupational Physiotherapy services are part of the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and WorkSafe Victoria’s (WorkSafe) commitment to achieving better health and return to work outcomes for TAC clients and injured workers.
Occupational Physiotherapists have a specific set of skills that provide the highest quality of care in the management of musculoskeletal conditions for TAC clients and injured workers.

What is the benefit of seeing an Occupational Physiotherapist as opposed to a general physiotherapist?

Occupational physiotherapists have been specially chosen by WorkSafe & TAC because of their experience with compensable claims and the TAC and WorkSafe policies and procedures. They have experience in the management of musculoskeletal conditions, particularly in relation to assisting injured people in remaining at or returning to work.
O.P.’s differ from general physiotherapists in that they are clinically audited to ensure the services they provide meet TAC and WorkSafe requirements. They also use different forms to report information.

Who can access occupational physiotherapy services?

Occupational physiotherapy services may be appropriate for TAC clients and injured workers who have:
• An accepted WorkSafe or TAC claim
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Require assistance to stay at or the potential to return to work

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