TAC Physiotherapy Melbourne



Do you have a current & valid TAC claim number? Keilor Road Physiotherapy offers NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES when you choose to see one of our highly experienced Physiotherapists. 

KRP Physiotherapists are all part of the Early Intervention Physiotherapy Framework (EIPF), which means we’ve had all of the extra training required & met the high standards expected by the TAC - making us EXPERTS at maximising your health outcomes after you’ve had an accident. 

Experts in the treatment of TAC injuries.

Experts in the treatment of TAC injuries.

Being part of the EIPF means Keilor Road Physiotherapy has a special agreement with the TAC & we’re able to directly invoice TAC for your Physiotherapy services - you literally don’t have to lift a finger. Most importantly, there’s NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES FOR YOU! Simple.

The EIPF also allows KRP Physiotherapists to:

• Complete certificates of capacity to assess & certify your capacity for work.

• Provide equipment that will help you in your recovery e.g. pillows, braces etc.  

• Refer our clients for gym memberships & exercise physiology services.

• Refer patients to pain management programs & services.

To qualify, all you will need to do is provide us with your TAC claim number at your initial appointment (along with your date or birth) and our fantastic admin team will organise everything else for you. We know how stressful dealing with an injury following an accident is - being part of the EIPF allows us to let you focus on what’s important - returning you to 100%.  

If you have any questions or need any clarification regarding TAC Physiotherapy services here at KRP, please contact one of our admin superstars on 93794557. Servicing Niddrie, Essendon, Airport West, Keilor & the Northern suburbs for over 40 years, you can also book with one of our highly trained TAC experts online here

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