How to Treat That Pain in the Neck


No one wants a pain in the neck.

Do you ever wake with pain or stiffness in your neck? What about pain in your neck that gets worse whilst working on the computer or holding your head in one place for a long time? These are typical signs of neck pain and may also include other symptoms such as muscle tightness and spasms, shoulder pain, headaches, dizziness, jaw pain, pins and needles into the arm or hand and even difficulty sleeping. 

Many Australians suffer from neck pain and associated symptoms, in fact the research ranges between 10 – 22% of the population experiencing pain in a year and there is a higher incidence noted in office and computer workers. 

Physiotherapy management of neck pain however has a strong evidence base that demonstrates that Physiotherapy assessment and management can be effective in treating the many causes of neck pain. Our expert team of Physiotherapists is highly skilled in the ability to take a thorough history of your symptoms and then perform a complete examination including a neurological examination to determine all of the factors contributing to your neck pain.

Treatment techniques for neck pain.

Treatment techniques for neck pain.

One of the major contributing factors to neck pain is poor posture, often for prolonged periods, with the head held in a forward position. Your head actually weighs about 5kg and this sits balanced above the 7 vertebrae that make up the neck. When the head is in good alignment this load is taken down through the spine and shoulders. Postures that take our head forward however, like reading, working on the computer, using smart phones and yes even watching some netflix on our laptops place much higher forces on the neck joints and muscles. Just think about how many hours are being used up on screen time and one more thought – just imagine if I gave you a 5 kg weight and asked you to hold it for me, for a few hours! When we think of these issues coupled with the normal day to day stresses of modern life it is no wonder that neck pain is so common.

Postural ergonomic assessment for neck pain.

Postural ergonomic assessment for neck pain.

Other common causes of neck pain include: 

  • Muscle strains. 

  • Joint stiffness 

  • Nerve compression. 

  • Injuries / trauma / Whiplash 

  • Sporting Injuries 

  • Arthritis. 

  • Headaches and Migraines 

  • Locked neck / Torticollis / Wry Neck 

  • Shoulder Pain 

So, how can we at Keilor Rd Physiotherapy help your literal pain in the Neck? 

Thankfully, our highly skilled team can provide a complete assessment, posture and movement analysis to determine the right course of treatment for you to move forwards. Our treatment approach is individually tailored to best suit your particular needs and may include: 

  • A postural analysis with appropriate advice in order to reduce postural stresses 

  • A Strength based program to address postural dysfunction and allow the corrections to occur 

  • Spinal mobilisations to restore the joint mobility and stiffness 

  • Deep neck muscle stabilising exercises to reduce the recurrence of neck pain 

  • Soft Tissue work to tight neck muscles 

  • Pain management advice such as ice / heat 

  • Sleeping posture analysis and advice on the correct sleeping position or pillow if required 

  • Relaxation / Mindfulness / Sleeping advice if stress is involved 

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, but now want to return to your optimal self, KRP has been servicing Niddrie, Essendon, Airport West, Keilor & the Northern suburbs for over 40 years. You can book with one of our highly trained head & neck experts online here or call 93794557 to speak to one of our admin superstars and leave that pain in the neck behind.