Recommended Products


We stock the following items at the clinic for purchase.




Gripsox are custom designed socks for individuals participating in Pilates and Yoga classes. Rubber nodules on the bottom create a non-slip surface, whilst the 95% cotton composition improves breathability.

Foam Roller


Perfect for releasing tight muscles or use as exercise equipment to improve core stability. Rest assure whatever your Pilates skill level is, we have a roller to suit you with both half and full rollers available.

Swiss Ball



Swiss balls, also known as gym balls, are designed to help you strengthen muscles and provide an extra challenge to your core. Feel free to ask our Pilates instructors or physiotherapists regarding the size which may suit you.




Keep up your Pilates exercise regime at home over Summer with an exercise Mat. The soft cushioning provided allows completion of floor based exercises without the discomfort.

Spikey Ball



Get stuck into those tight muscles and relieve tension with a spikey ball. The spikey ball is an ideal tool for self-massage releasing a variety of muscles including the gluteals, calf, fascia or even tight upper traps.