Physiotherapists Servicing Essendon & Niddrie


We're firm believers that moving through life should be easy and pain-free. When injury or pain strikes and your mobility is affected, we know that fear and frustration is an accompanying side-effect that contributes to preventing your body from functioning at its highest level. At Keilor Road Physiotherapy, we have an expert team of physiotherapists servicing the Essendon, Niddrie and surrounding areas. Let us help you get back to your best!

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Why Choose Us?

Our physiotherapists have undergone advanced post graduate training in addition to their physiotherapy degrees to assist in the accurate assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries, including low back and neck pain, pelvic girdle and hip pain.

Lead by Jenny, Simone and John, all qualified Musculoskeletal physiotherapists, the team of physios at Keilor Road Physiotherapy can offer much more than general physiotherapy care, so why not put your rehabilitation into the hands of the experts?

With a strong commitment to being the best at what we do, all of the physiotherapists at our clinic have a strong commitment to regular, ongoing professional development. This results in a group of professionals, delivering the most up to date, evidence based care.

Our physiotherapists always look at the underlying and contributing mechanisms that drive your musculoskeletal conditions, not just focussing on the presenting symptoms. In this way we can help not only your immediate concerns, but empower you to achieve better health and prevent further injury.

After a comprehensive history and examination, treatment techniques and self-management strategies are used that are individually tailored to achieve the ultimate goal for each patient.

Techniques include:

  • Patient education to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your condition and rehabilitation
  • Posture and Movement analysis
  • Functional task analysis and correction
  • Gentle hands-on techniques such as spinal and joint mobilisation and manipulation if indicated
  • Specific exercise prescription to improve your strength and spinal stability
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Real Time Ultrasound assessment and retraining
  • Dry Needling
  • Pilates
  • Specific to general fitness programs